Instytut Maszyn i Urządzeń Energetycznych

Institute of Thermal Power Engineering is providing research and education in the field of energy technologies. The Institute covers a wide area of energy research, from expert works for the power sector, to investigations of the most advanced technologies for energy generation, such as:

  1. thermal power engineering,
  2. clean coal and gas technologies,
  3. renewable and sustainable energy sources.

The advantage of the Institute is the experienced scientific, engineering and technical staff as well as numerous modern laboratory facilities. Institute research team is involved in the realization of various international (COST 538 − High−Temperature Plant Lifetime Extension, TEWI IT Platform – EU Operational Program) and over 40 nationwide research projects.

Scientific activity of the Institute of Thermal Power Engineering results in cooperation with many industrial and scientific partners, at home and abroad, and providing numerous implementation for the industry, involving:

  1. design, optimization, and monitoring systems for power boilers and criterial boiler components,
  2. inverse heat conduction methods,
  3. numerical modeling of steam boiler’s superheaters by CFD simulations and own codes,
  4. design, optimization and CFD analysis of heat exchangers,
  5. identification of actual working conditions (measurements: temperature, heat flux, heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity, thermal stresses, pollutants emission), thermal optimization of AC/DC High and Extra−high Voltage underground transmission lines.

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